1Skärmavbild 2014-07-06 kl. 19.12.136street15streettop & sunglasses: H&M (old), Denim skirt: Nelly.com, Jacket: i & Krista Korkiakoskishoes: Zara, Watch: DKNY 

To follow your dreams and give up (or perhaps pause??) your life in one place in order to move abroad is a bitter sweet feeling. I knew that this feeling is going to appear/happen the moment  I decided for sure to move to London, especially because I already have done all the ”things” that follows when moving to a foreign country,in the age of 19. Back then, giving up your life and more or less blindly move abroad  (and barely knowing anyone or having a place to live) was the obvious choose. Thinking back, it felt as like this: no hassles, no fuss, I´m doing this!!! But few years later, now at the age of 26 it is more difficult. Just the though of leaving your family and friends is scary. I just want to convince everyone important in my life to move along with me to London, a fantasy and an illusion I know is completely impossible.
Anyways, I really do hope my friends, old as new will come and visit me in London. But first, before I throw and send invitations all around me, I REALLY NEED TO FIND A ROOM!  This is a huge  challenge since finding an affordable, suitable room with cool flatmate and is kind of hard. And of course I want to be close to all the fun happenings and events in London! Trust me, this is much easier said than done, especially still living in Sweden and try to find a good place via the internet, but I must stay positive. Now,the flat/room hunt may begin. Wish me good luck y’all!!

1 bra6Skärmavbild 2014-06-23 kl. 23.49.24

3IMG_92541bDress: i & Krista Korkiakoski- Shoes: Din Sko - Bag: H&M- EYEWEAR: LESPECS 

It has been such a long time since I blogged. It has been such a hectic time! I have finally graduated from The Swedish School of Textiles and now are preparing to move to London. Internship at Belle Sauvage and new adventures are waiting for me and I´m super excited. The countdown can start!

2Skärmavbild 2014-05-02 kl. 11.15.417_Fotor_Collage81PHOTO: Filip Haukka Sevedsson- EYEWEAR: LE SPECS- TOP:MONKI - NECKLACE: NELLY.COM- SKIRT: H&M TREND -SHOES: ZARA

Finally I  feel normal again after few days partying in Lund where we celebrated Valborg or as we call it in Lund ” The last day of April”. We had a great time with lovely weather and friends. Now I´m back in  Borås to write on my master thesis. I can´t believe that its already spring and after 6 years of studying at university, I will be all finish and ready to work full time! Yeayy me ;)

I hope u all have had an awesome Valborg!



tumblr_n32fd2lDIM1rk0fq4o1_500Top- Nail polish - Sun Glasses- Necklace- Shoes-  Skirt- Bag-  Lipstick 

For a couple weeks ago, Kendra Thorton, a well known travel expert from the US contacted me and ask if I wanted to participate in her new exclusive project ”Kendra’s Fashion Challenge! She wrote on her email that :The challenge is focused around her upcoming trip to Epcot, Disney’s Theme Park in Florida.  Furthermore she wrote on the email ”Orlando is an adventurous, laid-back, family-friendly city! The attractions range from beautiful natural settings to exciting shows and world-class entertainment. People from every age group have a great time in Orlando. I know I always have a better time when I know i look great. I created “Kendra’s Fashion Challenge” to help me find the perfect looks for Epcot. I can’t wait to see what Tara recommended for me. I love your personal style and know that you will come up with some fabulous looks. Im getting excited about all the wonderful activities we have planned for Epcot! I was able to book my trip effortlessly on the online travel site gogobot. They provided with first hand reviews on venues. The first venue I booked was Epcot’s Spaceship Earth! We will blast off to the beginning of time. We’ll return to the days of cavemen to learn about the beginning of human communication. We’ll explore cave drawings, Egyptian hieroglyphics, the invention of the alphabet and mathematical systems from ancient Greece. We’ll learn about modern media including newspapers and television. At the end, we’ll explore an interactive exhibit about today’s communication technology and learn about innovations for the future. Now all I need is a fabulous outfit to enjoy this adventure at Epcot!

The outfit I picked for Kendra is a mixture of the seasons trends; pastel and silver colors with bold sunglasses. Because Kendra is a mother of three children and I´m guessing she going to run around the whole day at Epcot , I choose a comfortable but stylish sandals from Swedish Hasbeens and also a medium size tote from Lacoste. I think Kendra will look absolutely amazing in this outfit.



Skärmavbild 2014-03-11 kl. 23.41.4505794c61a3c567441f68b84bc68537df

11137301050_1_1_1postcard_0211. ASOS HOMEWORK Helled Sandals.2.ASOS MOONDANCE Pointed Shoes  3.Nasty Gal- Privileged Paramour Platform  4. Kurt Geiger- BOND 5. ZARA shoes  6. Jeffery Campbell- Enable heel

In most counties, small signs of spring has started to shown; birds are singing in the mornings, the days are getting longer, the sun is shining and the signs of flowers can be seen. As you all know, I´m a huge shoe fan and I´m so excited about this spring because the shoe trend is so huge with a huge selection. It feels like there are so many styles that are trendy, for instance the gladiator boots, thick heels, silhouettes, colorful loafers, even the old buffalo shoe is back again. I have selected some of my favorites shoes that I believe will go great will so many outfits!