Bustier Tops

Show your stomach but not you´r belly button!

Last time I wore a top that showed my stomach and my belly button, I was 14 years old. Now in the age of 24, I´m gonna do it again. But this time the focus will be on the solar plexus area and not on the belly button.
This trend is not easy to wear and the first time I saw a bustier top, I was very skeptical. But I think the bustier top is one of the IT item to wear this spring/summer. Combine the bustier top with a high waisted skirt or trouser. Lets turn back the time and enjoy the reintroduction of the stomach.
Mara Hoffman $207
Top Shop – Fluro Floral Print Corset £30
Runwaydreamz- Silver Studded Lace Bustier $148
Top Shop- Floral Zip Bralet £18
Versace- Gold Stud Top

What to wear with a bustier top



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