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I know, I know! Once again I have disappeared but trust me, I have good reasons. For the past few months I have had such a stressful time. I have had Spex and been working on my final thesis, so basically I have been work non stop and minimal time to sleep or socialise. Just after I handed in my thesis, it was time to pack my bags for approx. 5 weeks in the exotic Colombia for work and some vacation.

For the moment I’m Florencia and let me tell you, I’m loving it! The people, food, nature and weather is amazing!! Some days it gets really hot but after a long and cold winter, I’m enjoying the heat. The locals thinks I’m a bit funny and weird when I put on my bikini and lays down to get tan. You see, the majority of Colombians are so much used to the sun so they don’t even bother to use sun lotion to protect their skin or sunglasses or anything of that stuff, they instead walks around with a umbrella. They also wears jeans and tops with long sleeves in thus heat!!I can’t really understand how they cope with the heat under so many layers of clothes!!

Just before traveling to Colombia, many people told me to don’t bring my computer or anything valuable with me and at the last minute, I left my beloved Mac at home, now regretting it. To scared of getting robbed, I also didn’t bring my camera with me! I think I made the right decision about my camera because the locals tells me to not even bring even my phone with me outdoors because robbery has increased so much past few years, so I have just a few pics of Colombia. I want to take a few more pics before showing to you guys so for now, here is some pics of Instagram favourites!!

1. @Shopstyle_de
2. @Asos
3. @Blkdnm


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