I adore Christmas and basically everything that comes with it. And its kind of weird that I like Christmas and the Christmas sprite so much, especially when my family donĀ“t celebrate it like Swedish ppl does.

Immigrating at a young age from another country, with a whole different culture and traditions, has it benefits. For instance, I celebrate two New Years (and Christmas), the Christian ones during winter and the Iranian one during the spring. This means that I get two presents and more celebrations to look forward too. Yeayy!! But the negative part of combining two cultures is that you donĀ“t really celebrate hem properly and you donĀ“t go “all in”. I am the only one in my family loving Christmas and wanting to celebrate it, but this doesn’t mean that we eat the traditional Swedish Christmas dinner. In some way (donĀ“t ask me why), my Mom and I have created our own Christmas tradition, meaning that every Christmas Eve, we cook food from different parts of the world. This year we decided to go Mexican and made a Tacos similar dish and chocolate pudding for dessert. Delicious as hell!!!

I hope you all have had a wonderful day with your love ones. I have collected some pics that explains my love for Christmas. Hope you guys will like it!!


A Very full Tara.


I found this really funny app called Jul Foto (translate Christmas Pic) there you can add christmas stickers to pics. Amazing!!Ā Here is some pics of my dad, mum and me.

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