The summer has officially passed by and I am already very much looking for next summer so I can wear a cute dress with open shoes all day long. The pictures above are officially my last summer shot for 2016 and I am so happy with the results, they really capture the West London preppy atmosphere with black and white victorian buildings. The location was in Kensington and shooted by the talented Michelle Ääölaht. The dress is from Zara´s latest summer collection and the shoes are few seasons old but I keep wearing them as I am obsessed with the elegant animal printed feature. I am not that great in doing hairstyles and after a few searches on YouTube, I find this very easy crown braid tutorial  (click here).

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I love strolling around my old neighborhood in Shoreditch, East part of central London. It´s full of street art and cozy coffee shops, such as FIKA which is a Swedish phrase and means “”to have coffee”,  and is often accompanied by Swedish pastries or sandwiches. East London is also full of independent fashion brands, second shops, restaurants, and pubs! Shoreditch is highly recommended if you are traveling to London.

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I just had to do a spontaneous photo shot when visiting The Norwegian Opera House in Oslo last week. I was amazed by the beauty of this building so if you are planning to travel to Oslo, The Norwegian Opera House is a Must see. It´s a breathtaking experience just walking around the building, especially as you can easily walk to the roof overseeing the city.

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