Prom Time

 Prom time

I love proms and balls and also love to shop dresses for the occasion. This spring I went to two balls but I had to ware the same dress on the both event because I´m very picky when It comes to prom dresses!!!
Now I have collected some dresses I adore. Some of the dresses are very expensive like Elie Saab, but most of them are very affordable. 
When I finished gymnasium (high school) my school arranged a big prom. I decided to buy two dresses, a decision I now regret, because both of the dresses are short! I think when it comes to prom dresses, buy an elegant and classic dress, not trendy! This way the dress is timeless and you can wear it in future events!
What did you wear on your prom? Don’t be shy and post the pics to me!
Tara $ 109

Tony Bowls –  799 SEK 
 Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture 
  $107 $143
My gymnasium prom, me in the middle in one of my prom dresses!
I wore this dress from HM to the prom this spring. 
And I wore this earrings as well. Love them!!

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