I came across the amazing London- based shoe brand called FINSK, found by the Finnish designer Julia Lundsten in 2004. FINSK is known for mixing avant-garde yet modern style inspired by architecture and details found in furnitures. Besides creating stunning shoes, a pair of FINSK are super comfortable. All are Made in Brazil by local craftsmen using traditional shoes making methods and applying highest quality materials as by-products of other industries.

A pair of FINSK shoe is a statement piece, giving your look the little extra it might have been missing.

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Finally started to feel better after a major cold (and able to breath again), I have discovered that Spring has sprung in the streets of London. Not only are days actually getting longer (yeah!) with more sunshine (hurray!), the air actually smells sweet, floral and ‘springy’ in general. I also noticed people are more positive and energetic; some have even started to smile at me on the street, (- No, I checked and didn‚Äôt have anything weird on my face!).

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1Skärmavbild 2014-07-06 kl. 19.12.1316streetTop & sunglasses: H&M (old)| Denim skirt: | Jacket: i & Krista Korkiakoski| shoes: Zara |Watch: DKNY 

To follow your dreams and give up (or perhaps pause??) your life in one place in order to move abroad is a bitter sweet feeling. I knew that this feeling is going to appear/happen the moment ¬†I decided for sure to move to London, especially because I already have done all the ‚ÄĚthings‚ÄĚ that follows when moving to a foreign country,in the age of 19. Back then, giving up your life and more or less blindly¬†move abroad ¬†(and barely knowing anyone or having a place to live) was the obvious choose. Thinking back, it felt as like this: no hassles, no fuss, I¬īm doing this!!! But few years later, now at the age of 26 it is more difficult. Just the though of leaving your family and friends is scary. I just want to convince¬†everyone important in my life to move along with me to London, a fantasy and an¬†illusion I know is completely impossible.
Anyways, I really do hope my friends, old as new will come and visit me in London. But first, before I send invitations all around me, I really need to accommodation!  This is a huge challenge since finding an affordable, suitable room with cool flatmate. And of course I want to be close to all the fun happenings and events in London! Trust me, this is much easier said than done, especially still living in Sweden and try to find a good place via the internet, but I must stay positive. Now,the flat/room hunt may begin. Wish me good luck y’all!!


If you have followed my blog long enough, you know my passion for DIY projects.

Tie Dye impressions is very IN for the moment and a lot of celebs, like Rihanna loves tie dye impressions.
One my favorite DIY blog Honestly….WTF have been inspired from Isabel Marant‚Äės collection which contained a few tie dyed items. On their blog they show you step by step how to do a tie dye denim shirt. It¬īs really easy!

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But if you rather buy tie dye denim shirt:

Mango¬†‚ā¨ 29,95

Isabel Marant¬†‚ā¨ 150