I just had to do a spontaneous photo shot when visiting The Norwegian Opera House in Oslo last week. I was amazed by the beauty of this building so if you are planning to travel to Oslo, The Norwegian Opera House is a Must see. It´s a breathtaking experience just walking around the building, especially as you can easily walk to the roof overseeing the city.

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This year I have had such a hard time to get into the New Years mood and I really don´t understand why. Perhaps its because I  haven´t actually had a Christmas break! My dear teachers had this brilliant idea to give us lots of homework and papers to hand in after the break (and yes I´m bitter). Anyways, I felt like I had to look at some New Years pictures, party dresses, shoes and listen to some party music to at least try to get into the mood. I hope u all don´t fell the same way and having amazing plans during the New Years Eve!



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