Gigi Nude Brogues

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Recently, the colour grey (especially grey in lighter and warmer tones) has become one of my favourite colours in home decoration. I used to associate grey with something boring and¬†tedious. For many of us, grey is usually identified with¬†long and never ending dark winter days where the weather is miserable and in general awful- ¬†hence the expression ‚Äúgrey winter days‚ÄĚ. Everything you are longing for is to see the glint of the sun and slip into your cute summer dress (which feels¬†so far away at¬†that point).¬†For those living in the Northern part of Europe will sympathise with me and understand the¬†agony of a long winter.¬†Lately I have noticed a wide range of shades of grey are being used in architecture,¬†interior design, decoration magazines and blogs – not to mention Pinterest – the modern time inspiration guru! Grey is particularly being combined with white marble, light pink, woody textures or¬†dark colours such as black, juniper and basil green. Additionally, various tones of grey are also being combined with each-other, providing a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere. Even¬†Vogue¬†have chosen grey to be one of the interior design trends of 2017, if you would like to read more about how to decorate your home with grey click¬†here.

Shooting for¬†House of Spring 2017 Spring/Summer lookbook, including a grey atmosphere was an obvious¬†choice, especially with¬†House of Spring¬īs Gigi Nude Brogues.¬†I styled this look with a stunning navy lace top to give it a more romantic feeling and a pair of light blue denim jeans¬†to make the outfit a bit¬†edgy and characteristic, aiming to capture the essence of Parisian lifestyle with a London sense of¬†style.

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The project “Fashion in Leaf” is inspired by leaf and fashion. “I was wondering does fashion¬†can be part of leaf¬†art as I’m interested in fashion.¬†The most challlenging in this project was how to apply leaf¬†to dress! However, I tried to find some more special leaf this time to make the “dress looks elegant.” said the¬†Malaysian illustrator¬†Tang Chiew Ling.

This project is extremely creative and so beautiful in a delicate way.





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These amazing pics is taken by the fab¬†fashion¬†photographer Katya Tsyganova from Russia. Besides her occupation as a fashion¬†photographer,¬†¬†Tsyganova also¬†works with¬†music videos and as a fashion film director in USA and Europe. During 2013 Tsyganova won several awards for her work; EOTM awards for outstanding video and Fashion TV photographers awards . “Blue Velvet” is one of¬†Tsyganova latest projects.

For more pics, fashion videos and music videos click HERE



Think of Nirvana and Pearl Jam in the early 1990¬īs, and there you have the original grunge look. Everything began in Seattle where rock band got inspired from different kind of music genre, for instance hardcore punk, heavy metal and indie rock and the grunge music was soon born. These grunge bands, like Nirvana also got the inspiration for their styles from the punk culture and wore working class clothing, like jeans and checkered fabrics. The grunge look also has its rots from the early 1980¬īs fashion, which means ripped and shredded clothing.

Nowadays, the grunge look has become a popular once again and now a few sub-genre was developed from the grunge look, for instance neo- grunge and glam grunge.


The grunge look is all about having a thrift vibe with a lot of layers, so wear clothes that do NOT match.

  • The grunge look is all about dark colors so if you want to pull the grunge look off, its time to investing in more dark colors clothing.
  • Jeans, jeans and yes, more jeans! The jeans is the main element for the grunge look and not the “normal” kind of jeans. Think ripped and worn-out jeans and you are in the right direction!
  • FLANNEL! Its was a while ago I wore flannel so I can barely remember how the fabric feels like :S But, yes flannel! And think bigger size.
  • The T-shirt. Should I more? No exactly. Thats what I thought.
  • Boots is a must to be a true grunge! So get yourself a par of clunky boots asap.
  • Don¬īt wash your hair for a while. Ok, thats a bit (well a lot) disgusting, but don¬īt worry! Just got some ¬†saltwater products to get the crunchy hair.







1.Azul Tribal/2.Gold Bug/3.Sunburst/4.FroYo/5.Envy Me Green/6.Midsommar

For a few days ago, I bumped into a website called Cherryperi and found the most beautiful necklaces I have seen, well at least in a while.  Anyway, these necklaces have all the quality I think that a necklace should have; they are colorful, chunky and so bloody sparkly!! The brand who makes the necklaces is called KMLR and the labels focus on creating fashion accessories.The label was establishes in Stockholm in 2013 and the current collection (pics above) are limited one of a kind handmade pieces, so hurry up and get one before they run out of stock!

For more info: Cherryperi/KMLR

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It¬īs almost the end of March and still, there is no sign of the long-awaited spring that I know most of you guys are longing for. But don¬īt let the snow kill all of our longing for SS13 shoes trends. Today I have collected all of the major shoe trends for Spring/Summer 2013. ¬†Enjoy




1.Givenchy, 2. Nina Ricci
One of SS13 biggest MUST HAVES, in both bags and shoes is “the see it through- trend”. The transparency trend has made a comeback, hurray hurray!! Recently, the transparency trend has been pooping here and there, and now has been seen in bags, coats, jewelry and more. The idea behind this trend is exciting and daring because it allows basically any stranger to see whats in a women¬īs bag or foot (maybe a lump?)

Roman Holiday

1.Altuzarra, 2.Alexander Wang

Last time the gladiator sandal was trendy, the year was 2008. A few years later, the trend has made a comeback, but this time, the gladiator trend is more bold and has been interpreted in different ways. Some designers has focused on the heels, while other designers has focused on the shape.

High Contrast

postcard_1041.Phillip Lim, 2.Victoria Beckham

The black and white combination is always modern and very chic. Specially for SS13, there is many black and white interpretations, specially in womenswear and handbag!

Funny Heels

postcard_1051.Balenciaga, 2. Proenza Schouler. Source:

I love when designers thinks “outside the box” and creatives shoes with funny and creative details. For SS13, expect¬†heels in different shapes and sizes. Love it!!¬†
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