Finally started to feel better after a major cold (and able to breath again), I have discovered that Spring has sprung in the streets of London. Not only are days actually getting longer (yeah!) with more sunshine (hurray!), the air actually smells sweet, floral and ‘springy’ in general. I also noticed people are more positive and energetic; some have even started to smile at me on the street, (- No, I checked and didn‚Äôt have anything weird on my face!).

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If someone would have asked me for some months ago what I thought about Shearling jackets, I would have frown and walked away. However, recently I have started to become more and more fond of Shearling jackets. A significant factor I have missed out on throughout the years have been that Shearling jacket is so chic and simple to style; jeans with knitwear, with little black dress with silhouettes or tight, you name it. Just look how stunning Shearling jacket can look!

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ESE_5633Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 01.07.59ESE_5735ESE_57091 ESE_5718ESE_5720ESE_5648ESE_5652ESE_5755Photo:¬†@londonportraitsTop:¬†MONKI (OLD)// Bag- H&¬†//Sunglasses:¬†LE SPEC// Trousers://¬†DANIELA D¬īAMICO

Fashion Month is over and the fall has find its way to London. The season of rain and greyness is here, which makes me very deep and philosophical. I just want to crawl into my bed, drink tea and think about life. Are we just another brick in the wall? Does all of our hard work finally pays off in the end? Does anything we do matters whatsoever ? My conclusions: Yes, most of us are actually just another brick in the wall and yes, sometimes our hard work finally pays off. But hey, the most thing in life is happiness and love (cliché, I know).

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3IMG_92541bDress: i & Krista KorkiakoskiРShoes: Din Sko РBag: H&MРEYEWEAR: LESPECS 

It has been such a long time since I blogged. It has been such a hectic time! I have finally graduated from The Swedish School of Textiles and now are preparing to move to London. Internship at Belle Sauvage¬†and new adventures are waiting for me and I¬īm super excited. The¬†countdown can start!

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