I just can´t get enough of the Bohemian style that can be spotted in most of retailers, from luxury brands such as Burberry, Valentino are going all Boho chic (Burberry even named AW15 Men´s Wear collection Classically Bohemian) to the main street brands such as Zara. I just adore the relaxed yet feminine look that makes you dreaming about a century full of braveness and valour, where people´s interest in political awareness, along with liberty of women flourished and increased. The young generation experimented with the thought of a more liberal and openminded society and demonstrate their newfound mindsets via their style and more relaxing lifestyle. Very inspiring!

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” It’s a new era in fashion. There are no rules. It´s all about the individual and personal style. Wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels,and up-and-coming designers all together”

–  Alexander McQueen


dsc_0867_52ab8207ddf2b350cb04d80atara3_52ab82b0ddf2b327e51a1316share-2share-3PHOTO: ANNA NOHLÅS / DEMIN JACKET: SECOND HAND/SKIRT & SHOES: ZARA/SHIRT: SECOND HAND/ LEATHER VEST: GINA TRICOT/ BAG: H&M

Some sundays are better or worse than other sundays. This sunday I must say was quite good one, well if I didn´t have a huge hangover and a lot of studying to do. But let us be positive and optimist because when I woke up,  I saw the snow. Even though I have never been a big fan of snow, it feels a bit cheerful to actually see something else than grey! For the last weeks, the sky have been all grey and boring. I hope you guys have had a relaxing sunday!


Last weekend a few friends and I took the train to the beautiful and buzzing Copenhagen. After dinner and pre-drinks at Stroget, we went to a friends flat for more drinks and headed to the trendy club Hive. What an amazing night!


Outfit: a long white shirt (borrowed from my flatmate Emelie)/necklace- H&M/ sunglasses H&M/ shorts Marni for H&M/Ring Ginatricot/ Silver Shoes (not in the pics) Zara. Pics below: my lovely roommate Emelie! The best roommate ever



PHOTO: Saba Samvat|Shoes: Bianco|Skirt & Biker Leather Vest: Gina Tricot| Top & Earrings: H&M|Watch: DKNY| Sunglasses: Festival Specs|

Today I have had a really relaxing day!! I slept in this morning and woke up at 11 (??), followed my sister Saba to view a flat in the central of Lund. Afterwards she did my hair (love it) and took some amazing pics of me. Result: a new header, do you guys like it?

The plans for tonight is dinner at my friend Matilda and then maybe take the train to Malmö. Yesterday Malmö festivalen, a week long festival started in Malmö and tonight the swedish dj duo- Rebecca and Fiona is playing. I hope you guys have had an amazing weekend!!