The first day of Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm started with a fab fashion show from Whyred. Before the show, I went backstage and took some pictures and already I was very fond of the collection.

After a few hours, it was time for Back fashion show and the best way to describe this collection is ”punk- chic”. The collection is not my cup of tea but still very creative. The third show for the day was Hunkydory and the collection was very girly and glamours,which I like. The inspiration for this collection is from 70´s and 80´s music industry but with a glint of romance.  The last show for the day was Army of me, a brand for men who wishes to be different and stand out from the crowed, and trust me, with a garment of Army of me, they are succeeding.

Overall I had a great first day!

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 ARMY OF MEshare-1Photo by My


This year I have had such a hard time to get into the New Years mood and I really don´t understand why. Perhaps its because I  haven´t actually had a Christmas break! My dear teachers had this brilliant idea to give us lots of homework and papers to hand in after the break (and yes I´m bitter). Anyways, I felt like I had to look at some New Years pictures, party dresses, shoes and listen to some party music to at least try to get into the mood. I hope u all don´t fell the same way and having amazing plans during the New Years Eve!



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“Saying you don´t look good in hats is like saying you don´t look good in shoes”

~ Marilyn Monroe

Recently I have started to realize how good people look in hats. Don’t you guys agree?

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I´m very fond to see what other people is wearing during fashion weeks. They inspire me and pushes me be more creative in choosing clothes and accessories. Fashion weeks always brings out the weirdest, most chic and creative side of fashion people. This implies that fashion week is the most important time for fashionistas and the whole fashion industry. Why you might ask! Ok let me explain something for the ones that are not familiar with the “dress code” and all the bloody preparations for fashion weeks. It takes long time and much research (well it all depends in which extent you are involved in the fashion industry) to pick out the right tops, dresses, shoes, accessories, handbags, hats, jacket, coats, make up, scarf, sunglasses, hair do etc etc etc…and, from the right designers!! The question is if you want to choose clothes from a cheaper designer and/or clothing chain or if you want to go big with luxurious designers or if you want to support a independent designer! Where can you buy the clothes and how much does it cost!!! Other preparation to put on the list of whats “IN”and whats “OUT”  in which country. There are international trends but also local trends. The question is if you wanna mix trends or go your own way.  Should I go all-in-big-time (like more is more) or simple I- dont- care chic? And the list gets longer and longer, the more fashion weeks you attend, the longer the list gets. And don’t forget that how many fashion shows you attend is also important. You don´t want to wear the same outfit twice under the same fashion week period!! I´m absolutely aware that this might sound extremely silly for some of you guys. But, what´s soo damn great with fashion week is that anyone could shine and pop out from the crowd, which means more street style photographer from all the fabulous magazine and blogs (like Vogue, Harpars Bazaar or want to take you picture and published it, either on their website or in the magazine. The secret key to all these glory is the right combinations of clothes and accessories.These all means that other people and hopefully the whole fashion industry, get to know all you potentials and see the most creative outfit you are able to combine.  We do all of these because sooo much opportunities comes from just getting you pics and name published. It can mean that magazines, fashion companies, blogs wants to collaborate with you. This means that soon enough you can start to earn a lot of money and most important, being you own boss and become successful. What a dream!!!

So, now I have reveal some inside info about how is feels like attending a fashion week, its a bitter sweat feeling, but mostly a sweat feeling ;)




20130626-140509.jpgOnce upon a time, there was a blogger, Geneva who had a DIY blog called a pair & a spare. She had magic fingers and a was blessed with a special gift. She was able to, with some few tricks, turn the most ugly item to a beautiful one. She had a eye for details and was able to see beauty in everything around her. Her inspiration came from people, different collections and other beautiful items around her. One of Geneva’s recent DIY tutorial is inspired from Chloe scalloped bikini and decided to remaking an old bikini. Here is the result, don’t you just love it!

20130626-141242.jpg • A triangle bikini set
• Matching polyester Rik Rack (curly trim) 1cm/half inch wide or more. If you can find it with some stretch opt for that version, if not that’s ok. Mine had a little bit of stretch but not much. Make sure to get polyester so it doesn’t shrink in the water.
• Pins
• Scissors
• Needle and matching thread

20130626-142117.jpg1. Measure the rik rak to your bikini size. In addition to doing this on the floor. Put the bikini on and measured it that way. Notice that too much stretch can lead to puckering.

20130626-142521.jpg2. Cut the rik rack to suit – add a few more inches for each end. When trimming the rik rack, make sure to singe the ends with a lighter (carefully run the flame back and forth over the ends) or they will fray like crazy.


3. Now pin the rick rack to the underside edge around the bikini. What you want is the scalloped part to show without showing any hole.

20130626-143204.jpg4. Pin the top and the bottom. You can choose to put the trim where ever you want – You will notice when you take it off the rik rack seems to be too big, but that’s just the lycra of the bikini stretching back.

20130626-143442.jpg5. Using your needle and thread sew the trim to the underside. Instead of sewing really tight. Do a stitch every two inches or so, allowing some slack in the thread to allow for the stretch of the bikini.