One of my biggest hobbies is to go around and find¬†different second-hand stores, vintage boutiques or even better, charity shops every time I travel to a place. The top and skirt I¬īm wearing is from Eriks Hj√§lp, a charity shop in Malm√∂ and was bought the last time I was back home in Sweden. The bag is from Zara and the shoes is also from Zara but was bought at the charity shop Barnardos in Brixton. ¬†The reason why I so fond of second hand items is that I always find unique and special things, from clothes, furniture to accessories, also its environmental friendly and sustainable to purchase (or reuse) perfectly fine items others no longer need. 90% of clothing that is thrown away is before the end of its life circle, this means that clothes have much longer life cycle and can be worn longer period of time before it actually is unwearable. So if you area bit sceptical to second-hand clothes, try to organise a clothes swapping day with your friends and get a totally new wardrobe and the best thing is that its for free!!

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I¬īm so proud to wear this awesome dress and leather coat from my former classmate¬īs brand, i & KK, a brand that is not only classy but also sustainable. People often assume that environmental friendly, sustainable or ¬†‚Äúgreen‚ÄĚ fashion brands are boring and unfashionable, something that in reality is not correct. During the last few years the majority of fashion labels, from luxury brands as Burberry to fast fashion companies as H&M, have focused more and more on becoming more sustainable and gentle to the environmental. I’m delighted to see that the fashion industry is taking environmental issues serious.

All of i & KK¬īs products are made in Finland and every manufacture process is controlled by Krista to ensure the hight quality of the garments. Recently, you can also customise your products at i & KK, click here for more info.

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1Skärmavbild 2014-07-06 kl. 19.12.1316streetTop & sunglasses: H&M (old)| Denim skirt: | Jacket: i & Krista Korkiakoski| shoes: Zara |Watch: DKNY 

To follow your dreams and give up (or perhaps pause??) your life in one place in order to move abroad is a bitter sweet feeling. I knew that this feeling is going to appear/happen the moment ¬†I decided for sure to move to London, especially because I already have done all the ‚ÄĚthings‚ÄĚ that follows when moving to a foreign country,in the age of 19. Back then, giving up your life and more or less blindly¬†move abroad ¬†(and barely knowing anyone or having a place to live) was the obvious choose. Thinking back, it felt as like this: no hassles, no fuss, I¬īm doing this!!! But few years later, now at the age of 26 it is more difficult. Just the though of leaving your family and friends is scary. I just want to convince¬†everyone important in my life to move along with me to London, a fantasy and an¬†illusion I know is completely impossible.
Anyways, I really do hope my friends, old as new will come and visit me in London. But first, before I send invitations all around me, I really need to accommodation!  This is a huge challenge since finding an affordable, suitable room with cool flatmate. And of course I want to be close to all the fun happenings and events in London! Trust me, this is much easier said than done, especially still living in Sweden and try to find a good place via the internet, but I must stay positive. Now,the flat/room hunt may begin. Wish me good luck y’all!!


PHOTO: Saba Samvat|Shoes: Bianco|Skirt & Biker Leather Vest: Gina Tricot| Top & Earrings: H&M|Watch: DKNY| Sunglasses: Festival Specs|

Today I have had a really relaxing day!! I slept in this morning and woke up at 11 (??), followed my sister Saba to view a flat in the central of Lund. Afterwards she did my hair (love it) and took some amazing pics of me. Result: a new header, do you guys like it?

The plans for tonight is dinner at my friend Matilda and then maybe take the train to Malmö. Yesterday Malmö festivalen, a week long festival started in Malmö and tonight the swedish dj duo- Rebecca and Fiona is playing. I hope you guys have had an amazing weekend!!