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A lot of people have asked me about the colourful shirt I wore during last London Fashion week¬†(click here).¬†The shirt and also the shirt I¬īm wearing on the pictures above is from the East London based label Soot and Ty (click here)¬†and is¬†actually men¬īs wear label. However I¬īm a big fan of Soot and Ty and love the¬†shirt¬īs fitted style and playful pattern. ¬†Shirts from Soot and Ty is definitely a statement piece and is perfect to create your own unique look.

Soot and Ty just launched a new collection for Spring/Summer with lots of colourful and fashionable items. Visit their store at740/741 Camden Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AH or simply pop by their stand every weekend at the Backyard Market & Sunday Upmarket in Bricklane, E1.

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One of the most exiting shoe trends for fall 2013 is the over the knee boots. This trend was first seen at the¬†3.1 Phillip Lim and Balmain runways but recently this trend can be spotted everywhere. I really like this trend because you can look very fashionable and trendy, but at the same time I must warn for a high risk of “Pretty Lady” factor, wrong combination of the over the knee boots can look very tacky. Thats why you should only wear short skirt (preferably leather skirt) with a long jacket. It’s a big NO NO to wear these shoes with trousers or leggings! As you already have noticed, this trend is not especially¬†practical but you can look damn sexy and elegance in over the knee boots.






I¬īm always searching for new and interesting things to blog about, for instance upcoming designers, new collections, arts, DIY- projects and such as. For a while, I have ¬†been seeing these amazing illustrations in different websites. I have also notice that some of my friends on Facebook have changed their profit pictures and now showing portraits of animals. It made me curios to do a research and see who is the man behind these animal portraits!

Yago Partal is the man behind the Zoo portraits. After studying Fine Arts in Barcelona, Partal started a creative studio project with Manel Soto where they together have created a number of project for companies such as Filmax, Chesterfield International and Canal+. Besides these projects, Partal have also done some personal work. Recently Partal is focusing on photography and video, and recently have been working with VOGUE ITALY, LOEWE and The Skin I Live In (Pedro Almodovar)

Now you can buy these portraits as T-shirts, iPhone cases, carts or as art. An amazing gift for both him/ her during special occasions, maybe as birthday or Christmas gift.

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Right now when you are reading this blog, you are missing out on one of the worlds biggest fashion events- London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014. For the last few years, I have been working during London Fashion Week for a production company called My Beautiful City and doing what I love the most- being backstage!! But this year, I have chosen to stay where I am and focus on my Masters degree in Fashion Management. Yes I have moved from Lund to Bor√•s to study Fashion but it’s an another story that I will write about another time.

So back to London Fashion Week- To be honest, it is completely different to work during a fashion week than attending it. To be a part a fashion show,to see the workers coming to the location early in the morning and starts to build the runway from the scratch. Seeing the transformation from being a regular  room to a beautiful runway is a magical feeling. On the other hand, witnessing all the hard work being torn down a few minutes after the end fashion show is devastating.

Being backstage and witness all the craziness is an experience that is so hard to explain. The reason is that it is so many things happening at the same time. I mean, it is at least 80 people ¬†(the production team, make up artists, hair and nail stylists, dressers, models and the design team) working¬†non stop backstage to make sure that the fashion show becomes a success.¬†All from models coming late, being a bit intoxicated by all the¬†hair spray and other hair products, people running around a bit stressed out, ¬†photographers competing with each other to take¬†the perfect picture, fashion journalists interviewing head of makeup, hair and nails and of course the designer. Ooo I do love the buzz and all the craziness happening behind the scenes, so near but still sooo faraway from the guests coming to see the fashion show. I love the feeling of being backstage and working on something that is probably going be a big “thing” in the fashion industry, it¬īs amazing and absolutely mind blowing. And this year, I am missing out of all this magical happening, but it is ok. I can always comfort myself by looking at instagram and backstage pics and fantasize that I am there!
















I¬īm very fond to see what other people is wearing during fashion weeks. They inspire me and pushes me be more creative in choosing clothes and accessories. Fashion weeks always brings out the weirdest, most chic and creative side of fashion people. This implies that fashion week is the most important time for fashionistas and the whole fashion industry. Why you might ask!¬†Ok let me explain something for the ones that are not familiar¬†with the “dress code” and all the bloody preparations for fashion weeks. It takes long time and much research (well it all depends in which extent you are involved in the fashion industry) to pick out the right tops, dresses, shoes, accessories, handbags, hats, jacket, coats, make up, scarf, sunglasses, hair do etc etc etc…and, from the right designers!! The question is if you want to choose clothes from a cheaper designer and/or¬†clothing chain or if you want to go big with luxurious designers or if you want to support a independent designer! Where can you buy the clothes and how much does it cost!!! Other preparation to put on the list of whats “IN”and whats “OUT” ¬†in which country. There are international trends but also local trends.¬†The question is if you wanna mix trends or go your own way. ¬†Should I go all-in-big-time (like more is more) or simple I- dont- care chic? And the list gets longer and longer, the more fashion weeks you attend, the longer the list gets. And don’t forget that how many fashion shows you attend is also important. You don¬īt want to wear the same outfit twice under the same fashion week period!! I¬īm absolutely aware that this might sound extremely silly for some of you guys. But, what¬īs soo damn great with fashion week is that¬†anyone could shine and pop out from the crowd, which means more street style photographer from all the fabulous magazine and blogs (like Vogue, Harpars Bazaar or want to take you picture and published it, either on their website or in the magazine. The secret key to all these glory is the right combinations of clothes and accessories.These all means that other people¬†and hopefully the whole fashion industry, get to know all you potentials and see the most creative outfit you are able to combine. ¬†We do all of these because sooo much opportunities comes from just getting you pics and name published. It can mean that magazines, fashion companies, blogs wants to collaborate with you. This means that soon enough you can start to earn a lot of money and most important, being you own boss and become¬†successful. What a dream!!!

So, now I have reveal some inside info about how is feels like attending a fashion week, its a bitter sweat feeling, but mostly a sweat feeling ;)