One of my biggest hobbies is to go around and find different second-hand stores, vintage boutiques or even better, charity shops every time I travel to a place. The top and skirt I´m wearing is from Eriks Hjälp, a charity shop in Malmö and was bought the last time I was back home in Sweden. The bag is from Zara and the shoes is also from Zara but was bought at the charity shop Barnardos in Brixton.  The reason why I so fond of second hand items is that I always find unique and special things, from clothes, furniture to accessories, also its environmental friendly and sustainable to purchase (or reuse) perfectly fine items others no longer need. 90% of clothing that is thrown away is before the end of its life circle, this means that clothes have much longer life cycle and can be worn longer period of time before it actually is unwearable. So if you area bit sceptical to second-hand clothes, try to organise a clothes swapping day with your friends and get a totally new wardrobe and the best thing is that its for free!!

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3b_Fotor_Collage4b_Fotor2b_Fotor8Fotor_Fotor_CollageTop: Vintage| Shoes & Sunglasses : H&M| Necklace: TOM JOUCLE & DIY | Cap: BIKBOK

 I really like this hip hop inspired look and I´m that kind of girl that dress dependent on which kind of music I listen to. For the moment I´m in a hip hop phase and try to discover new artist.The top I´m wearing on the pics is bought on a second hand shop when I was in Milan last spring. I haven´t had the opportunity to wear it that often and decided on wearing it for todays outfit.

Furthermore I´m a big fan of these pics, especially because they are taken by a dear friend of mine. She don´t have so much experiences in photographing but I think she did a great job :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!



Market in Rome

Via Sannio Market

I´m a huge big fan of markets and there are lots of them in Rome. Usually the markets in Rome are open during sundays but Via Sannio Market is open weekdays 8-2 and Saturday 8-5.  Via Sannio Market, often called the American Market, is famous for its cheep vintage clothing, military surplus, leather jackets, fake handbags and accessorize.

During 70´s Via Sannio Market was the perfect place to find the latest trends but today the market has become more touristic. Here you can find some decent items at a very low price, saying that, don’t forget to bargain the price. I just bought a gorgeous vintage Wranger jeans jacket and I bargained € 5, from €25 to €20, and I think you can bargain even more if you are in the mood. It´s really important to don’t get scammed as different eager salesmen say different price for the same item.

Today we are leaving Rome for Pescara, a seaside resort just at opposite side of Rome. Its kind of sad leaving Rome, but at the same time a relief because the heat have been a pain in the —! Last night we were at Viale Trastevere and finally find what Rome and Italy is all about. Nice small streets, cozy restaurants and a great atmosphere. Have to rush to the train and will wright about it later tonight.




“Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend”
~Lucy Liu

My monday started with meeting up Isabella and she wanted to show my her favorite vintage and second hand stores in Stockholm. The first store on the schedule  was Filippa K Second Hand at  Hornsgatan 77. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics inside the store. This store contains second hand cloths, bags, accessories and shoes from Filippa K only.

A bit further down the street we went to Judit´s Second Hand. I fell in the love with the place and the decoration was amazing. All the cloths,shoes, bags and accessories has been handpicked and is from various famous brand, all from YSL, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors to H&M.Here are more pics from inside the store.

Judit´s Second Hand is a great store but you can’t really find cheap bargains. My favourite thing with this store was all the bags. More update from Stockholm tonight. Now lunch time.